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Dewrance Extraction Check Valves

Dewrance Extraction Check ValvesWedge Gate and Parallel Slide

Features & Benefits:

Excellent Reliability

  • Internal Counterweight to help balance disc under low load conditions.
  • Direct deposited seats.
  • Tilting disc design for quick closing due to lower center of gravity.
  • Lightweight disc with minimum travel, for quick closing in less than one second.
  • Designed for optimum performance under all flow conditions.
  • Self-draining geometry.
  • Pneumatic Power Assistance acts directly onto disc, without leakage to help avoid inhibiting operation.

Low Cost Maintenance

  • Expanded graphite gasket pressure seal design.
  • Nitrided hinge pin, supported in nitrided bearings, helps give a low coefficient of friction and hard wearing surface for maximum performance.
  • Easy access through cover.
  • Longer seat life due to non-scuffing action of seat to disc geometry.
  • Simplified seat refurbishment, only requires lapping.

Improved Performance

  • Aerodynamic self aligning tilting disc design for low pressure drop characteristics.
  • Automatic self closure on flow reversal.
  • Inclined seat geometry, combined with conical seat and disc, for tight seal without scuffing.
  • No hinge pin gland helps avoid inhibiting performance.