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Are Dewrance Valves Obsolete?

The short answer is no!

Many companies believe that the Dewrance range of valves is obsolete and no longer available. We would like to take this opportunity to confirm that such a claim is wholly without truth, and that the Dewrance range of valves is still in manufacture and is available.

In 1998 the Dewrance range of products was sold by Dresser to Tyco International. This did not include the manufacturing plant, but did include all design and intellectual rights in their entirety. Dewrance valves are now manufactured by Emerson.

Dewrance still has an office based in Skelmersdale, England, however the manufacture and order processing of the Dewrance product range is now performed at the Sempell manufacturing plant at Korschenbroich in Germany, which is a part of Pentair Flow Control.

There has, however, been some rationalisation and reduction to the Dewrance range, especially in low pressure general service valves and smaller sizes below 6. This was conducted to focus the Dewrance brand into the Power generation marketplace at a level where the product range was most technically suited and commercially accepted.

In the event that a Dewrance product is no longer available we will be happy to assist in locating an alternate product.

Should you require further clarification of any of the points mentioned above, please feel free to contact the Chase Team.