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Dewrance Tilting Disc Valves

Dewrance tilting disc valveA range of swing check and tilting disc check valves, designed in accordance with ASME B16.34, for power industry services.

Features & Benefits:

Excellent Reliability

  • Direct deposited seats hard-faced with Stellite® or Equivalent
  • Tilting Disc design balanced for quick opening and immediate closing on flow reversal
  • Lightweight disc with minimum travel
  • Optimum performance underall flow conditions
  • Self-draining geometry

Low Cost Maintenance

  • Expanded graphite pressure seal design
  • Nitrided hinge pin, supported in nitrided bearings, giving a low coefficient of friction and hardwearing surface for maximum performance
  • Easy access through pressure seal cover
  • Simplified seat refurbishment, only requires lapping
  • Longer seat life due to non-scuffing action of seat to disc geometry

Improved Performance

  • Aerodynamic self-aligning tilting disc design for low pressure drop characteristic
  • Automatic self closure on flow reversal
  • Inclined seat geometry combined with conical seat and disc for tight seal without scuffing

Typical Applications

  • Main Steam Isolation
  • Boiler Feed Pump Isolation
  • Deaerator Recirculation
  • Economizer Recirculation
  • Spray Water Isolation
  • Attemperator Spray
  • Chemical injection