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Dewrance Wedge Gate and Parallel Slide Gate Valves

Dewrance Wedge Gate and Parallel Slide ValvesClass 600

Parallel Slide and Wedge type gate valves, designed for use in power industry applications.

Features & Benefits:

Excellent Reliability

  • Self cleaning action between disk & seat
  • Welded-in seats hard-faced with Stellite® or Equivalent
  • Low Cost Maintenance
  • Lower operating forces than wedge gate design
  • Interchangability of parts
  • Simplified seat refurbishment (only requires flat lapping, no critical angles to be matched to ensure sealing capability)

Improved Performance

  • Lower pressure drop characteristic than wedge gate valve
  • Reduced actuator size/cost by 30% when compared to wedge gate
  • Improved sealing assisted by line pressure
  • Low operating torque, seals on position not torque