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Dewrance supplies a wide range of parallel slide gate valves, feedwater heater isolation valves, bled steam check valves and specialty tilting disc check valves for the feedwater and steam systems of the power generation market. Dewrance isolation and non-return valves deliver lower pressure drops, improved reliability and repeatability.

The history of Dewrance

John DewranceThe DEWRANCE name owes its origin to John Dewrance, a pioneer of steam locomotive development.

He was responsible for the construction of George Stephenson’s locomotive “The Rocket”, assisting at the Rainhill trials in 1820. The success of “The Rocket” during these trials resulted in its use on the Liverpool & Manchester Railway.

The founders pioneer efforts in connection with therailways naturally influenced his engineering activities and a business was established in South London in 1844. John Dewrance & Co., was soon to become known as an innovative manufacturer of products for steam application.

Sir John Dewrance took over control of his father’s business in 1879. Under his guidance, the pioneering work of his father continued. In 1882 he married Isabella Trevithick, granddaughter of Richard Trevithick, one of the leading early railway pioneers.

He became a director and Chairman of Babcock & Wilcox Ltd in 1899 a position he held until one year before his death in 1937. At this time, the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Babcock & Wilcox eventually moving to Skelmersdale in 1965.

Today, Dewrance is a part of Pentair.