Chase International
Chase International specialists in sourcing engineering parts

International procurement and supply specialist of Dewrance valves and parts

We provide our customers with a professional, experienced point of contact to source Dewrance Valve products. With a broad range of capabilities we bring a wealth of experience and additional value.

Our goal is to become your preferred choice, a one stop complete service provider, an addition to your existing purchasing and maintenance team.

Chase International has supplied Dewrance valves for many years and has a close working relationship with Dewrance manufacturers, Emerson. Any Dewrance valve supplied by Chase International comes with a manufacturers warranty and has the full support of the Dewrance / Emerson technical team.

Are Dewrance Valves Obsolete? - The short answer is no!

Many companies believe that the Dewrance range of valves is obsolete and no longer available. We would like to take this opportunity to confirm that such a claim is wholly without truth, and that the Dewrance range of valves is still in manufacture and is available.

There has, however, been some rationalisation and reduction to the Dewrance range, especially in low pressure general service valves and smaller sizes below 6. This was conducted to focus the Dewrance brand into the Power generation marketplace at a level where the product range was most technically suited and commercially accepted.

In the event that a Dewrance product is no longer available we will be happy to assist in locating an alternate product.